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New Leapfrog Lighting PAR Series Now Among the Most Efficient Spec-Quality Bulbs—at a Lowered Cost

PAR30-shopify-collection_grande Leapfrog Lighting’s industry-standard Energy Star certified PAR LED bulbs are now higher-efficiency at a lower cost. The Leapfrog Lighting PAR bulbs have always been known for consistency bulb-to-bulb and stringent color qualities.

“This isn’t about revolutionary change,” explained Stephen Naor, CEO of Leapfrog Lighting. “Our PAR line was already among the best for what we call Total Light Quality. We’re improving what was already a top performing lamp. We are evolving all quality characteristics, with incremental gains in all areas of quality, including coverage, glare, fall off, and color temperature control. The big news is the increased efficiency and lower price.”

With18 models available for each bulb style and with a choice of CRIs of 81 or 95 —even the most demanding business or display application can be implemented. Leapfrog Lighting’s PAR bulbs are popular with art galleries, museums and high-end retail stores where environment and product display is critical. CRI is a quantitative measure of a bulbs ability to reproduce colors faithfully.


All Leapfrog Lighting PAR lamps are available in 18 specifications. The above chart is for the PAR 38.
All Leapfrog Lighting PAR lamps are available in 18 specifications. Illustrated is the PAR 38.


The bulbs are generally suited for any application where color consistency and display quality is critical, but is also often chosen for pleasing office environments, general household lighting or for any suitable fixture where consistent quality is desirable. “Without doubt, the PAR line are among the most efficient bulbs on the market,” explained Mr. Naor. “But our PAR line is designed for anyone who wants that efficiency without compromising color, consistency, light quality.”

Minimum expected lifetime is 40,000 hours. All bulbs are dimmable, and flicker free down to 10% light output. The Energy Star certification applies to the 3000K versions of the bulbs in all of PAR 20, 30 and 38. These 3000K bulbs are available with various CRIs (from 80 to 82) and beam angles (from 24 degrees to 60 degrees)—18 models available. All bulbs, are CUL certified.

The bulbs are distributed through some select distributors, and direct to customers and trades.

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