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No-Trouble LED Retrofit Implementation Plan

No-Trouble LED Retrofit Implementation Plan

Success is in the details; fortunately, we sweat the specifics. Once you’ve given a go-ahead to propose based on the Detailed Site Assessment, we develop a detailed plan-proposal which we then revue with you and modify as needed. After you accept our implementation proposal, we work the proposal into a detailed implementation plan.

Our plans take into account:

  • your goals and needs
  • your specific application
  • electricity cost savings targets, normally between 45 and 85 per cent savings
  • your payback period (usually in about 2 years, sometimes much less)
  • your impact on the environment
  • government rebates where applicable
  • full installation plan with qualified experts, with contingency measures
  • timelines and costs
  • warranties and maintenance

To get started, ask for your Detailed Site Assessment.

Ask for your detailed site assessment.