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Spec-quality LED lighting—for demanding applications

Backed by a five-year no-hassle warranty,  Leapfrog’s specification-grade bulbs and lighting systems are tested for the ultimate in consistency, light distribution, unparalleled color rendering, and lifetime reliability. When you need Total Quality, specify Leapfrog Lighting.


Total Quality™ — uncompromising technology

We call it Total Quality. Our unique Intelligent Optics, extraordinary technical design and careful control during manufacturing deliver bulbs for the most demanding of applications. A favorite of museums, galleries, retailers, and work environments, Leapfrog Lighting’s Total Quality, will not let you down.



Total Quality testing

All bulbs in our line are developed and tested to these principles:

  • Intelligent Optics for even, no-glare light distribution and color consistency in a cost effective spec-grade bulb.
  • Manufactured under high quality control and robust testing standards.
  • Since our client base is largely businesses with demanding applications, such as museums and retailers, we perform a multitude of tests on each and every lighting product before it leaves our shipping dock.









Why? It is important to the entire Leapfrog team that our clients are satisfied with our products. We even verify the accuracy of our lab, regularly cross-calibrating to an independent NIST-traceable test facility.

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™ – Total Quality and Intelligent Optics are trademarks of Leapfrog Lighting.