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Substantial electricity cost savings with a No-Trouble LED Retrofit

Substantial electricity cost savings with a No-Trouble LED Retrofit



Goal: You need to retrofit your building project with LED lighting to realize dramatic electricity cost savings­—potentially in the thousands of dollars, depending on your facility.

Problem: Managing an LED retrofit can be complex, time consuming and technical.

Important Issue: You won’t compromise on lighting quality and you expect bulbs and fixtures with long life expectancy—professionally installed to the highest safety standard.

Solution: Leapfrog Lighting’s fully managed No-Trouble LED Retrofit is the first program to place equal weight on energy savings, simplicity of execution, product performance, safety standards, and light quality. Each solution is custom built for your unique application, yet entirely trouble-free. We manage everything for you.

The Leapfrog Lighting No-Trouble LED Retrofit

  • Site visit and Detailed Site Assessment: We visit your site, explore your goals, identify issues and perform a no-obligation, detailed site assessment. Expert advice is a given. Learn more >
  • Custom plan: Because no two situations are the same, we plan to your custom requirements, with special emphasis on optimizing to your application and goals and to your unique needs. We carefully select products that are thoroughly tested by our engineers for long-term durability. Learn more >
  • Expert installation: Our experts implement and install. The highest standard of installation is critical to our No-Trouble program. We also make the installation as efficient and non-obtrusive as possible, and manage quality assurance. Learn more >
  • Rebate management: Although the goal is reduction of lighting operating costs, rebates help your bottom line. Available rebates are often cumbersome to manage in terms of paperwork and collection. We take care of this for you. Learn more >
  • Reporting and maintenance: When we’re finished, we report on results, not just in terms of savings, but taking into consideration excellence in quality and durability, and warranties. Learn more >

Ask for your detailed site assessment.


Equal emphasis on savings and quality

worker-340As our brand name implies, we Leapfrog past other solutions. We approach each project as unique and customize for your needs. There should be no compromises in ambiance, display quality, security, coverage and durability. Most of our clients see significant improvement in quality, together with dramatic energy savings.

How we work

We take a challenge/solution approach to planning. For example, if you are considering retrofitting an underground parking garage, security may be a major issue. For a residential complex, a pleasing environment may be the priority. In an office, ambiance and color temperature can enhance productivity. We consider it all in our planning. The savings are a given. A quality implementation should be given equal emphasis.

Custom no-trouble solutions

We identify all the issues/problems,
project the benefits and scenarios and,
once you’re happy with the plan,
we professionally implement with
specification-grade LED bulbs and fixtures.
To see how we can help you manage
your LED retrofit seamlessly,
ask for a Detailed Site Assessment.

Find out more about our Leapfrog Lighting No-Trouble LED Retrofit program. Click on any of the icons below to explore the five steps to a No-Trouble installation.