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The LED light bulbs that makes *everything* look good

No matter where they’re installed, Leapfrog’s LED light bulbs deliver outstanding light quality while also delivering optimum energy efficiency.

Superior light. Superior performance. It’s in the design.


Our line of PAR LED light bulbs is suited to a variety of commercial and residential applications that require directional lighting where quality of light is critical, such as:

  • track lighting
  • recessed ceiling lights
  • retail display lighting
  • general household light fixtures




< Healthcare facilities and hotels

In healthcare facilities and hotels, presentation and security
are top concerns. Leapfrog LED light bulbs provide remarkably
precise and uniform distribution of light. The result is
consistent, controlled illumination and environments that
are as inviting as they are safe.

Retail and food service >

In retail and food-service, style and sophistication win out.
With outstanding color-rendering accuracy, Leapfrog LED
ceiling lights give lighting designers a powerful tool to
enhance décor and products and impress patrons.

< Office environments

In office environments, productivity and energy-efficiency are
vital. Leapfrog LED light bulbs provide comfortable, attractive and
energy-efficient office environments where employees love to
work and clients love to visit.

Industrial locations >

In industrial locations, electricity consumption takes a big bite
out of profits. High-efficiency Leapfrog LED light bulbs put the
money back in your pocket. With our bulbs, LED energy
consumption is lower than other industrial lighting types.
And with lifetimes of up to 40,000 hours—more than 20 years
in many applications—our high quality LEDs also cut
maintenance costs associated with changing lamps.