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Spec-quality LED lighting—it’s all about the specs

Spec-quality LED lighting—it’s all about the specs

It’s fine to make claims based on development testing. Leapfrog Lighting goes beyond this, with our Total Quality testing to ensure the specs on the data sheet are what you’ll get. Leapfrog Lighting bulbs and fixtures are no-compromise solutions to demanding applications. All Leapfrog products deliver evenly distributed, glare-free light with gentle roll-off at the edges, top performing light output and energy efficiency, and long life expectancy.

Click on any of the links below to download the detailed spec sheets as PDFs.

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MR16 Bulbs

  • Recessed light
  • 35W halogen equivalent
  • Variety of color temperature and beam angles

PAR20 Bulbs

  • Dimmable recessed light
  • 50W halogen equivalent
  • Energy Star

PAR30 Bulbs

  • Dimmable recessed light
  • 100W halogen equivalent
  • Energy Star

PAR38 Bulbs

  • Dimmable recessed light
  • 120W halogen equivalent
  • Energy Star

15W Track Lights

  • Dimmable integrated driver
  • Wide variety of color temperatures and beam angles
  • 39W metal halide equivalent

25W Track Lights

  • Dimmable integrated driver
  • Wide variety of color temperatures and beam angles
  • 50W metal halide equivalent

35W Track Lights

  • Dimmable integrated driver
  • 70W metal halide equivalent

2’x2′ Recessed LED Troffers

  • Aesthetically pleasing, affordable LED alternative to fluorescent
  • Ideal for one-for-one replacement of conventional fluorescent

110V T8 Tubes

  • 32W equivalent direct line voltage tube
  • Direct replacement for T8 and T12 tubes
  • 3000K, 4000K and 5000K

347V T8 Tubes

  • Kit includes tube(s) & 347VAC external driver
  • No hum, strobing or flickering
  • Industry leading efficacy

Ballast Compatible T8 Tubes

  • Compatible with instant start and rapid start electronic ballasts
  • No hum, strobing or flickering
  • Innovative anti-glare technology

U-Bend LED Tubes

  • Standard U-Bend shape for easy installation
  • Direct Line Voltage and Ballast Compatible versions
  • Leapfrog’s comprehensive 5-year warranty

High Bay Fixtures

  • For manufacturing, commercial and warehouse applications
  • Ideal for replacement of conventional HID and fluorescent

Weatherproof Fixtures

  • For wet or dusty environments
  • Ideal replacement for conventional 2×4 or 3×4 ft. fluorescent

Retrofit Kit

  • Multi-application: shoeboxes, streetlights, floodlights, wall packs, high bays, and canopies
  • Lasts 20x longer than HID

Wall Packs

  • For exterior general and security lighting
  • Ideal replacement for metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures
  • Sealed fixture—dirt and bug free.