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As of January 1, 2012, it is mandatory for all medium screw base light bulbs to bare the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Lighting Facts label. The intention of the label is to make it simple for consumers to compare various products by providing a common set of measurements and displaying them in a standardized way. Measurements include Brightness, Estimated Yearly Energy Cost, Life, Light Appearance, and Energy Used.

The Department of Energy (DoE) has their own version of the Lighting Facts program for all LED light bulbs, but the program is voluntary (though all manufacturers are encouraged to participate). The DoE label contains similar measurements to the FTC label, but most notably includes the Color Rendering Index (CRI), efficacy, and LM-79 testing information (if qualified), which is not included with the FTC label.

Leapfrog Lighting LED light bulb packaging includes the mandatory FTC label, but also incorporates the additional elements from the DoE voluntary program. All our boxes include CRI, efficacy, and LM-79 testing.

To view or download the mandatory FTC Lighting Facts label for Leapfrog Lighting products, click the specific product below.