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Market Research and Polls from Leapfrog Lighting

Market Research and Polls from Leapfrog Lighting

research-144-2“Nobody knows enough.”

Baroness Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, author (1858-1909)

We agree with the Baroness. Nobody knows enough. In the pursuit of knowing more, Leapfrog Lighting undertook breakthrough market research. Polling to randomized samples sufficient to bring the margin of error to under 3%, we called out for the opinions of Americans and Canadians on LED lighting issues for business. We deliberately did not poll our customers, and chose instead to panel random business owners and managers. Already, we’ve found many surprises.

Each week, we’ll be releasing new poll results, as fully segmented reports in PDF form, commencing next week. We encourage you to download these in-depth reports.

Some Important Questions

Here are some of the questions we’ve asked — or intend to ask — in the coming weeks:

  1. How Important is the quality of light in your business environment?
  2. Do you believe there is sufficient standardization in the LED bulb industry (Energy Star, etc)?
  3. Do LED lighting product manufacturer claims on packaging match your real-life performance experience (for example, rated lifetime)?
  4. What is the most important reason you are considering (or have used) LED lighting in your business:
  • Energy Savings
  • I’m not considering it
  • Consistent quality of lighting
  • Pleasant environment to work in
  • Pleasing for retail / gallery displays

We have many more questions to ask. We hope you’ll follow along each weak as we report on these statistically significant polls.  




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