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July 11, 2014 (PRWEB): New Poll from Leapfrog Lighting: 31.4 Per Cent of Business Owners Name Lighting Quality as the Main Reason They Use LED Lighting, Highlighting its Rising Importance

July 11, 2014 (PRWEB): New Poll from Leapfrog Lighting: 31.4 Per Cent of Business Owners Name Lighting Quality as the Main Reason They Use LED Lighting, Highlighting its Rising Importance

Although saving energy was expected to top the list of reasons business owners use LED lighting, a surprising 31.4 per cent chose either consistent quality of light, pleasant environment, or pleasing display quality as their main reason.

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) July 11, 2014

While it may seem self-evident that energy savings would be the main reason businesses turn to LED lighting solutions, a new poll reveals the increasing importance of quality of lighting.

“We expected business owners to overwhelmingly choose energy savings first,” said Stephen Naor, CEO of Leapfrog Lighting. “Even though our mission as a company is anchored in spec-quality lighting, I was not surprised quality was a primary choice factor for 31 percent of business owners. In future, we think the majority of businesses will consider quality first.”

The new Leapfrog Lighting poll asked a randomized sample of 200 business owners and managers, “What is the most important reason you are considering (or have used) LED lighting in your business?”


“Consistent quality of lighting” dominated the quality-first respondents at 16.9 percent, while 8.4 percent chose “Pleasant environment to work in.” The remaining 6.1 percent chose “pleasing for retail/gallery displays” as their main choice factor. Interestingly, only 18.1 percent of business owners chose “I’m not considering” LED lighting, indicating LED lamps have become mainstream to business owners.

Significantly, 35–44-year-olds were most likely to choose “energy savings,” at 62.9 percent, while the 45–54-year-old business owners were more likely to answer “consistent quality of lighting.”


Similarly, higher income cohorts in the poll were most likely to choose “pleasant environment or consistent quality, with only 43.8 percent choosing “energy savings” first. The $75,000–$99,999 income cohort were also more likely to choose quality.

By lifestyle, suburban business owners were the most likely to rate “energy savings” (57.8 percent), while the urban audiences were more likely to choose quality of light, at 42.9 percent.

By region, the US West was most likely to choose “energy savings” (61.4 percent) while the US Northeast was most likely to choose quality (42.2 percent).

By gender, females were much more likely to favour “energy savings” (62.5 percent) while males were more likely to choose quality. Only 47.3 percent of males chose “energy savings.”

For details of results and answers by age, income, region and other cohorts, download the full PDF six-page report >>

About the Poll

The blind, randomized poll canvassed the opinions of 200 business owners and managers, a segmented cohort of a larger poll drawing 2372 responses. Data collected by a research company on behalf of Leapfrog Lighting. The poll is considered statistically accurate, subject to an error rate of 3.92 percent. The poll has an average absolute error rate of 3.92 and a confidence level exceeding 95 percent.

About Leapfrog Lighting

The current Leapfrog Lighting spec-quality product line includes MR16, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps that provide industry-leading output power through high-efficiency LED source and driver electronics. The innovative lens design creates a pleasing, glare-free light suitable for use in all indoor and unexposed outdoor down-lighting applications. The lamps also deliver the high CRI and ultra-consistent colour temperature control critical to multi-lamp applications in hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, museums, galleries, retail operations and other public spaces. With a life expectancy of 40,000 operating hours, these UL-registered lamps will provide more than twenty-seven years of service at four hours per day.

“Leapfrog Lighting intends to be the current and future benchmark in quality of light for years to come,” said Stephen Naor of Leapfrog.

*Total Light Quality and TLQ are trademarks of Leapfrog Lighting.


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