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Leapfrog Lighting Team Grows as Demand Increases for Leapfrog’s Unique Managed No-Trouble LED Retrofits

Leapfrog Lighting Team Grows as Demand Increases for Leapfrog’s Unique Managed No-Trouble LED Retrofits

Two high profile team members join Leapfrog Lighting to help manage the demand for Leapfrog’s bundled No-Trouble LED Retrofits— popular with residential and commercial property managers and owners.

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Leapfrog Lighting recruited two new expert team members to help manage increasing demand for the popular No-Trouble Retrofit Program. Sabiha Casey, recently re-elected as board member at BOMA Ottawa, joins the Leapfrog team to help communicate the benefits of fully managed LED retrofits for building owners and managers. Sabiha joins sales leader Jim Armitage to help drive business development and sales.

“Sabiha and Jim are key to managing our rapid growth in LED retrofit projects,” explained Stephen Naor, CEO of Leapfrog Lighting. “It isn’t about selling the concept. Everyone understands the savings potential on lighting operations costs afforded by LED retrofits, especially in the face of rising electricity costs. However many businesses are held back by the complexity of auditing, planning, installing and managing rebates. Sabiha and Jim will help put the “No Trouble” into the retrofit process.”

Sabiha Casey brings twenty-four years of experience in marketing and business development across commercial building-related services, together with extensive work with trade associations such as BOMA.

“Sabiha’s credentials are impressive. We were inspired not just with the years and loyalty she has shown, but her expertise. For me, the fact that she is a board member of BOMA Ottawa made it clear that she is truly invested in the industry. That’s important. It’s all about Leapfrog’s relationships with clients.”

BOMA Ottawa members own, manage and support 60 million square feet of office, retail and industrial space in Ottawa. Sabiha Casey has been a longstanding board member and returns in 2015.

Over her career she has worked with a variety of support companies, working with building and property managers. Mr. Naor explained: “Important skills she brings to Leapfrog include knowledge of building management, strong leadership skills, proven planning and forecasting, and a strong base in the application of lighting technology.”

Jim Armitage, head of Leapfrog’s sales team also brings more than two decades of experience, and has already helped shape and streamline the No-Trouble Retrofit program unique to Leapfrog.

“The secret of the success of Leapfrog’s No-Trouble Retrofits is our team approach,” said Mr. Naor. “Jim, and all the team really helped make this the best managed LED retrofit program out there.”

Jim Armitage’s successful business development career, bridging 1998 to today, covers diverse fields within commercial building, construction and related fields. Jim worked on program development and facilitation as a consultant to The Minto Group. For GRG Building Consultants he managed a regional office. At Dryvit Canada, Jim developed national sales programs for exterior insulation and finish systems. He served in the past on the Board of Directors for EIFS Council of Canada.


Press Release on PR Web and AP Wire March 31, 2015: "Leapfrog Lighting Team Grows as Demand Increases for Leapfrog's Unique Managed No-Trouble LED Retrofits"
Press Release on PR Web and AP Wire March 31, 2015: “Leapfrog Lighting Team Grows as Demand Increases for Leapfrog’s Unique Managed No-Trouble LED Retrofits”


About No-Trouble LED Retrofits

Leapfrog’s No-Trouble Retrofit program was developed by closely working with clients on LED lighting retrofits. “What we found was that our clients definitely wanted an LED lighting retrofit, but didn’t want to spend time on it,” said Mr. Naor. “A No-Trouble managed program allows our clients to focus on their core business.”

Reduction in lighting operating costs vary, but Leapfrog’s past clients have saved 45-85 percent. Payback on the investment can be as short as 4 months, and generally around 2 to 2 ½ years. Most projects are also eligible for government rebates. For example, one Leapfrog retrofit project for a hospital resulted in an 87% reduction in lighting operating costs, payback in only 4 months, government rebates of $7,500 and a projected 5-year cash savings of $153,000.

“Reducing complexity for our clients definitely matters,” said Mr. Naor. “We found the demand for our expert LED retrofit services increased dramatically after we developed the No-Trouble concept. We’re making that model available to everyone. Small businesses are equally motivated as larger enterprises.”