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Leapfrog Lighting No-Trouble LED retrofits make it easy for businesses to lower electricity costs—without the hassle of managing installation.

Leapfrog Lighting’s new five-step LED lighting retrofit package makes it simple for businesses to lower their lighting-related electricity costs by up to 85%, while eliminating complexity, planning time, installation hassles and wasted time.

Ottawa— Leapfrog Lighting’s new managed LED retrofit service — aptly named No-Trouble LED Retrofit™ — is a unique solution developed for businesses ready to convert to energy-saving LED lighting. The Leapfrog Lighting No-Trouble LED Retrofit bundles a site assessment, savings and payback report, planning, installation, rebate management and warranty management. The simplicity of the program begins with a no-obligation site assessment.

“The No-Trouble LED Retrofit removes the last barrier to entry—complexity. This is not only about return on investment analysis,” explained Stephen Naor, CEO of Leapfrog Lighting. “Of course the savings on electricity costs is critical. However many businesses are held back by the complexity of auditing, planning, installing and managing rebates.”

The program was developed after years of working on retrofits with clients. “What we found was that our clients definitely want an LED lighting retrofit, but didn’t want to spend time on it,” said Mr. Naor. “A No-Trouble managed program allows our clients to focus on their core business
Reduction in lighting operating costs vary, but Leapfrog’s past clients have saved 45-85 percent. Simple payback on the investment can be as short as 4 months, and generally around 2 to 2 ½ years. Most projects are also eligible for government rebates. For example, one Leapfrog retrofit project for a hospital resulted in an 87% reduction in lighting operating costs, payback in only 4 months, government rebates of $7,500 and a projected 5-year cash savings of $153,000.

Most businesses have decided to go ahead and retrofit to LED lighting. According to Leapfrog Lighting’s own survey of 200 business owners, 83.5% planned to install LED lighting, or already have. This is strikingly similar to a

Commercial Lighting Survey from KRC Research*, where 81% of business respondents are looking to install energy-efficient lighting solutions.

“Reducing complexity for our clients definitely matters,” said Mr. Naor. “We found the demand for our expert LED retrofit services increased dramatically after we developed the No-Trouble concept. We’re making that model available to everyone. Small business are equally motivated as larger enterprises.”

For example, a typical small business case analysis on Leapfrog Lighting’s website—an install of 100 LED lamps replacing equivalent halogen bulbs in a retail store—the overall savings per year on energy costs alone would be $2,906, based on 11 cents per kWh. With the entire cost financed, eliminating the $1,800 (approximate) upfront install cost, and factoring in expected electricity company rebates, the net savings per year still works out to $2,414 annually on this example.

Although the Leapfrog Lighting No-Trouble Retrofit can be customized to use any LED bulb or fixture, the program is designed around spec-quality lighting. Spec quality ensures consistent quality and color temperature that enhances work and retail environments. Installed bulbs are manufactured by Leapfrog Lighting and carry 5 year warranties. (links to

LED lamps contain no hazardous gases. Leapfrog Lighting’s architectural specification quality bulbs provide consistent, non-flicker, light. The current Leapfrog Lighting line of LED lamps includes PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 and MR16 lamps that provide industry-leading output power through high-efficiency LED source and driver electronics. The innovative lens design creates a pleasing, glare-free light suitable for use in all indoor and unexposed outdoor down-lighting applications. The lamps also deliver the high CRI and ultra-consistent color temperature control critical to multi-lamp applications in hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, museums, galleries, retail operations and other public spaces. With a life expectancy of 40,000 operating hours, these UL-registered lamps will provide more than 27 years of service at 4 hours per day.

The business advantages of LED lighting go beyond simple economics and environmental benefits. The majority of offices, schools and some retailers still use older fluorescent tubes, which are known to be health and safety issues in the workplace. Fluorescent bulbs use a mixture of hazardous gases to produce light. They create mild ultraviolet radiation, and are notorious for flicker caused by the 60 hertz per second cycles from fluorescent ballasts. Many office workers find fluorescent lighting to be depressing, dampening their enthusiasm and energy levels. Fluorescents, including compact fluorescents (CFLs) have been linked to “chronic fatigue syndrome.”


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Leapfrog Lighting, is best known for specialized commercial-application LED light bulbs and retrofits, for applications where consistent quality is important, such as: retail and display, interior and architectural design applications, industry and commercial space, facility management, hospitals, galleries and museums.

* KRC Research, 2010, “Commercial Lighting Survey”, random sample of 352 purchasing and facilities decision-makers over Lighting decisions in retail, hospitality, education and office. Conducted August 12 and Sept 2, 2010.