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No-Trouble LED Retrofits: save up to 87% on lighting energy costs

Leapfrog’s experts make it easy to plan, install to safety codes, and manage rebates with our fully managed No-Trouble LED Retrofits. More >

Our LED bulbs and fixtures, chosen by galleries, museums and retailers

Our specification-grade bulbs and fixtures are tested for even distribution, color rendering, and are backed by a 5-year warranty.  More >


Up to 87% electricity cost savings with Leapfrog’s No-Trouble LED Retrofits™

Dramatic electricity cost savings and better quality lighting—what’s to think about? Our clients have saved up to 87 per cent over their pre-retrofit lighting operating costs. On a commercial retrofit, depending on your project, you could realize thousands of dollars in savings annually. The only barrier to savings is the sheer complexity of planning and installing a retrofit LED lighting solution.

Now, Leapfrog Lighting takes care of everything for you with our fully managed No-Trouble LED Retrofits. There’s no such thing as an off-the-shelf or turnkey solution—your project will require a custom implementation. We can make the complicated retrofit easy, with our No-Trouble LED Retrofits. Get started with a fully detailed assessment at no cost and without obligation*.  More >

Client Results

The results tell the full story. All of our clients realize savings and improved quality of lighting to application. Lighting operational costs have been reduced from 45–87 per cent. More importantly, all installations were trouble-free. View our client results case studies.  Case >

More information on No-Trouble LED Retrofits.  More >

* Some conditions apply. No cost-assessments with site-visit may not be available in all geographic areas. 

Specification-grade LED bulbs for demanding applications

Saving energy doesn’t have to involve compromise. Displays, offices, galleries, museums and demanding environments can look precisely the way you want with Leapfrog Lighting’s specification-grade lamps.

  • Revolutionary optic design, for precision even an art gallery can appreciate
  • Unmatched glare control, for ideal displays in museums
  • Even light distribution, for pleasant work environments
  • True color consistency that top brand retailers value

Intelligent optics, designed into every bulb, means no compromises. Whether you’re retrofitting or designing from scratch, this is a level of excellence that is noticeable in any display or work or home environment.

Learn more about the Leapfrog Lighting spec-grade LED bulbs.  More >