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Calculate your LED-lighting savings

Use our handy calculator to figure out how much you can save by leaping to our LED light bulbs.
Simply fill in the form to calculate your savings.

Savings Calculator

Step 1: Enter your use pattern
Average hours of use per week    
Average cost of electricity ($/kWh)
If you’re not sure of your electricity rate, enter $0.103 (commercial) or $0.119 (residential). These are the current averages according to the US Energy Information Administration.
Number of lamps to be replaced    
Step 2: Enter light bulb details Leapfrog LED Lighting Regular Lighting
Select bulbs Light Bulb to be replaced
Electricity use (Watts)
Bulb life (hours)
Not sure about the life expectancy of the bulb to be replaced? Use 1,000 hours, the figure commonly claimed for incandescent lamps.
Price per bulb