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A little more help for you to make the leap to better lighting

We’ve gathered a few tools and resources to help you make informed decisions about the LED light bulbs you buy. If there is some information you need but can’t find, simply contact us. We’re always available to help!


Outlines how businesses successfully implemented our products to solve their specific business problems.

Summarizes the performance and other technical characteristics of our Leapfrog Lighting light bulbs and displays photometric data

Provides downloadable versions of the mandatory Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Lighting Facts label for all Leapfrog Lighting LED light bulbs.

Provides presentation slides for various LED lighting topics. Presentations are available to view, download, and share directly through embedded slide decks on our site and can also be found on SlideShare under the Leapfrog Lighting page.

Provides all previous Leapfrog Lighting monthly newspapers, which includes our loyal readers with news, insights, and sometimes, exclusive offers! We strongly encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you’re not always one month behind. Signing up is easy (and we promise never to give away your email address).

Answers many of the most common LED-lighting questions.

Gives you immediate access to our white papers, presentations, product Lighting Facts Labels, and more.

Describes our refund and replacement warranty on our LED lighting products.