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New Poll from Leapfrog Lighting: Only 49.6% of business owners and managers entirely believe claims on LED bulb packaging

New Poll from Leapfrog Lighting: Only 49.6% of business owners and managers entirely believe claims on LED bulb packaging

When only 49.6% of business owners and managers believe LED bulb packaging claims—as found in a recent independent poll of business owners—this is clearly an underwhelming endorsement for the majority of available LED bulbs. Random panel polls are statistically accurate measures of opinion. Confidence in manufacturer claims in this poll result is an opinion—but it’s the opinion of the people who specify lighting products. The ones who matter.

Poll Results

In this randomized poll of over 200 business owners and managers we asked: “Do LED lighting product manufacturer claims on packaging match real-life performance (for example rated lifetime)?

14.3% of respondents to the new poll found that their own direct experience matched manufacturer’s claims on packaging; another 35.3% believed the claims, but not based on their own experience. In total less than 50% entirely believed manufacturer claims, and another 19.4% rated claims as only partially or inconsistently reliable.

Does this surprise industry insiders? Probably not. The entire spec-quality bulb niche in the LED bulb market is built on the premise of higher standard, higher quality. This poll dips into perceptions on the overall market. The 50.4% who did not entirely believe manufacturer claims are the business owners and managers who will most likely spec the higher quality bulbs.




“Our own experience is that many people find Leapfrog Lighting and purchase our spec quality bulbs because of past negative experience with a different brand,” said Stephen Naor, CEO of Leapfrog Lighting.

Older Audiences Less Likely to Find Manufacturer Claims Credible

Age is certainly a factor in responses, with the younger respondents tending to believe claims while the older cohorts tended not to believe manufacturers. Older respondents tended to be more likely to be less positive on manufacturer’s claims, with only 20% believing claims versus 65.7% for the younger cohort of 25-35 year-olds. 20% of the 55-64 year-old respondent cohort answered “yes in my direct experience” and 0% answered “yes, I believe so” for a total of 20%. 25-34 year-olds were most likely to answer “yes, in my direct experience” at 47.9%, and another 17.8% “yes, I believe so, for a total of 65.7%. 18-24 year-olds were the most likely of all cohorts to answer yes, with a sum of 81%, while the strongest “no” votes went to 65 plus year-olds at 27.8%

Rural business owners tended to be slightly less likely to respond positively to manufacturer’s claims with 9.5% responding “yes, in my direct experience” versus 19.5% for urban and 15.9% for suburban.

Half of Current Business LED Customers Not Convinced

We can conclude from the poll that just over half of business owners and managers are not convinced of manufacturer’s claims. Until the overall industry does a better job of convincing audiences of quality and rated lifetime claims, business owners and managers are likely to continue to move towards the Energy Star rated bulbs and spec quality bulbs.

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Background: LED Lighting Standards

LED lighting standards continue to evolve, and currently include Energy Star qualification—which focuses on energy costs and other economic factors such as durability—and the standards of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), known as standard LM-79. There are also voluntary standards, including a notable one from the California, the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification.

Background on Poll

The blind, randomized poll included the opinions of 201 business owners and managers, with data collected by a research company on behalf of Leapfrog Lighting.

The poll is considered statistically accurate, subject to an error rate of 3.92%. It was conducted as a random sampling of business owners. 2372 responses to the poll were collected. The poll had an average absolute error rate of 3.92 and a confidence level exceeding 95%.



3 Responses to New Poll from Leapfrog Lighting: Only 49.6% of business owners and managers entirely believe claims on LED bulb packaging

  1. What’s printed on packaging is, eventually, advertising. Business owners and managers are familiar with it, they do it every day. That almost 50 % of the respondents have a positive view (believe) the claims made in the advertisements gives me some hope.
    Nice survey, btw.

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