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May 22, 2013 (PRWEB): Energy Star Certification Makes Leapfrog Lighting’s PAR30 LEDs Eligible for Rebates and Proves the Durability Claim of the Commercial Quality Lamps

May 22, 2013 (PRWEB): Energy Star Certification Makes Leapfrog Lighting’s PAR30 LEDs Eligible for Rebates and Proves the Durability Claim of the Commercial Quality Lamps

Leapfrog Lighting’s LED PAR30 lamps—known for improved glare control, light distribution and color consistency—are now Energy Star certified, paving the way to wide adoption in industrial and commercial applications.

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

Leading technology innovator Leapfrog Lighting announced today that it achieved Energy Star certification—through Energy Star approved independent lab verification—for its specification-grade LED PAR30 line of lamps. This expected milestone clears the way for use of this architect-quality lamp in commercial, retail and industrial applications requiring Energy Star certification to become eligible rebates in many regions of the United States and Canada. These commercial customers also require the consistent color and high light distribution quality of Leapfrog Lighting’s advanced line of LED lamps.


Energy Star certifies that the bulbs uses at least 75% less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs, and that they are also are expected to last 15 times longer. Energy Star bulbs are at least as efficient as fluorescent lighting, turn on instantly without warm-up and produce less heat—ideal for air-conditioned environments.

“We pursued certification in order to improve access of our specification-grade lamps by businesses interested in rebates offered by utility companies,” said Stephen Naor, CEO of Leapfrog Lighting. “Energy Star certification also instantly stands for quality and integrity—both values of Leapfrog Lighting.”

Leapfrog Lighting achieved the expected certification on May 14, 2013. The certification in part reads that Leapfrog Lighting’s PAR30 bulb is “compliant with all applicable requirements as specified within the EPA product specific standard.” The certification body for the Energy Star certification was Curtis-Straus LLC.

Certification requires independent testing by a lab approved by Energy Star, administered by the US Department of Energy. To pass, the Leapfrog Lighting PAR30 was required to pass performance tests including light output, electrical power consumption and lifetime reliability. In LED lamp markets, the claim to long life is a major sell point, and Energy Star certification backs up the claim. The lamps are subjected to elevated temperatures for 3,000 hours (early accreditation) and 6,000 hours (final accreditation), at an extreme temperature of 65 degrees Celsius to emulate durability conditions. Passing this test means a bulb can last at least 25,000 hours. The testing takes 18 weeks for early accreditation and 36 weeks for final accreditation.

“We had no doubt that our industrial-quality bulbs would pass, but the long wait is the most difficult part of the process,” said Mr. Naor. “Energy Star certification is important, since the economics of LED lamps derive from durability and lifetime expectation.” With a lifetime at least 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and lower use of expensive energy, LED lamps are becoming mainstream with industry, particularly architectural and retail applications where quality of light is important.

The Energy Star certification was part of George W. Bush’s Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (a.k.a. the “Energy Bill) and sets standards for light bulbs. Under this law, screw-based light bulbs must meet the efficiency requirements. Bulbs with Energy Star certification can be expected to be more efficient, last longer and are eligible for rebates in many areas.

Leapfrog Lighting’s lamps provide “improved glare control, light distribution and color consistency,” said Canadian Federal Minister Gary Goodyear, at a recent press event announcing an investment in Leapfrog Lighting’s ongoing research and development. The Minister of State for Science and Technology praised “measurable improvement on lighting quality required by facility managers, institutions, architects and retail businesses.”

The current Leapfrog Lighting product line includes MR16, PAR30, PAR38 and PAR20 lamps that provide industry-leading output power through high-efficiency LED source and driver electronics. The innovative lens design creates a pleasing, glare-free light suitable for use in all indoor and unexposed outdoor down-lighting applications. The lamps also deliver the high CRI and ultra-consistent color temperature control critical to multi-lamp applications in hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, museums, galleries, retail operations and other public spaces. With a life expectancy of 40,000 operating hours, these UL-registered lamps will provide more than 27 years of service at 4 hours per day.

“Leapfrog Lighting intends to be the current and future benchmark in quality of light for years to come,” said Stephen Naor of Leapfrog.


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