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A tailored solution for those craving quality lighting

At Leapfrog, we travel a decidedly unique path so that we can provide you high quality lamps and a first-class customer experience. The path isn’t easy, but that’s why we’re the only ones on it—and that’s why it’s as if our LED lamps are tailored just for you.

It starts and ends with you…

  1. We specify the lamp based on your appeals for superior light quality and energy efficiency.
  2. We evaluate all the technologies that support those specs and design them into a cost-effective product.
  3. We ensure your lamp is manufactured under high quality control and robust testing standards.
  4. We perform a multitude of tests on each and every lamp before it crosses over the threshold to you. We test light output, energy efficiency, color temperature, color rendition, overall structural integrity, and rate of lumen depreciation so that we can be 100% honest about the performance of our lamps. Call us fastidious, but we even verify the accuracy of our lab (it is regularly cross-calibrated to an independent NIST-traceable test facility)!
  5. We contact each customer personally to ensure the Leapfrog experience is a positive one. We welcome feedback and make it a priority to read every word you write.

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