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July 4, 2013 (PRWEB): Homes and Business Turn Out the Lights for Nocturne V, a Family-Friendly Street Festival Celebrating the Night Sky, Sponsored by Leapfrog Lighting

July 4, 2013 (PRWEB): Homes and Business Turn Out the Lights for Nocturne V, a Family-Friendly Street Festival Celebrating the Night Sky, Sponsored by Leapfrog Lighting

An entire neighborhood unanimously voted to turn out the lights on July 5 in Ottawa, to celebrate the majesty of the starry skies.The popular event, now in its fifth year, brings together artists, scientists, art lovers and star-gazers in one special night.

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) July 04, 2013

Wellington Village in Ottawa will again host the festival Nocturne for a two week showcase of artists, sculptors, scientists and astronomers. On Friday, July 5, the neighborhood will plunge into darkness, with every home and business and all the streetlights dark. Hosted by Cube Gallery and sponsored by Leapfrog Lighting and the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the stellar celebration will offer live views of the rings of Saturn through street telescopes, courtesy of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC).

“This is a very special event,” said Stephen Naor of Leapfrog Lighting, who helped sponsor the event. “How often do we get a chance to see the stars without the ambient glow of streetlights? It shouldn’t be missed.” He explained that Leapfrog Lighting sees it as an opportunity to remind people about energy conservation and environmentally-friendly lighting options “The only thing better than LED lamps for energy savings, is turning off the lights.”

Don Monet, of Cube Gallery, is the driving force behind the two-week neighborhood celebration. Cube Gallery is hosting special family events starting on the July 2nd and running to the 14th. “I’m pleased that Leapfrog is sponsoring our festival. We use Leapfrog LED lights in our gallery, so I can certainly attest to the energy saving and environmental benefits of their products.”

The light’s out star party will be held on the first private street in Canada to vote unanimously to turn off their house and streetlights for this night sky event, explained Don Monet. “For many people this is their first glimpse of the beautiful ice rings around our sister planet – Saturn – or at the mysterious star-forming nebula below Orion’s Belt. It is truly awe-inspiring what can be seen from the middle of the city.”

On the lights-out evening, celebrations will begin with a lecture by Professor Peter Watson at the Cube Gallery, highlighting a new comet that will soon be visible in northern hemisphere skies. With the somewhat ominous lecture title, “Comet ISON and the Death of the Dinosaurs,” the lecture precedes festivities featuring live music at 7pm and the big event at 9:30pm, when all lights go out for the Sidewalk Star Party. Ottawa’s Royal Astronomical Society and other astronomical enthusiasts will set up telescopes for visitors for rare glimpses stars and planets in a fully darkened sky.

“Too often, we cheat the night of darkness by creating light pollution that dims the stars above,” said organizer Don Monet. “This festival sets out to counter that in a creative and fun way.”

Saturday July 7th at 2pm is family day at the Cube Gallery, with a Family Astronomy Workshop presented by the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Thursday the 11th at 8pm is a lecture on “The Sky Unseen” with professor David Sinclair, with an intriguing glimpse into Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Neutrinos. For more details visit the event site…

Event Details
Cube Gallery
1285 Wellington St., W, Ottawa, K1Y 3AA8

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