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Better LED bulbs and a lower price: it’s the law!

Better LED bulbs and a lower price: it’s the law!

Did you know there is a law that states as time passes LED bulbs will not only become cheaper, but will produce a higher quality light? OK, so it may be one of those logarithmic forecasts rather than a system of rules and guidelines enforced by governments, but data over the past 40 years indicates this prediction is extremely accurate. Many industry insiders actually believe that at the current rate of LED innovation, the law may be too modest going forward.

This law, called Haitz’s Law, was conceived by Dr. Roland Haitz, a now-retired scientist at Agilent Technologies. It states that every 10 years the cost per lumen falls by a factor of 10, while the amount of light generated per LED package increases by a factor of 20.

Haitz's law graph

The implications of Haitz’s law are significant, not only for consumers, but for the lighting industry, the way we consume electricity, and the environment:

  • Consumers: Obtain brighter, more efficient light at a lower cost.
  • Lighting industry: Displace other lighting technologies, capture the market, and become the most efficient light source by 2020. Provide LED lighting for more specialized applications as the lm/W increases (large stadiums and amphitheatres).
  • Electricity consumption: Consume 50% less electricity for lighting at 200lm/W by 2020.
  • Environment: Reduce carbon footprint by almost 6 tons per year and reduce use of toxins, such as mercury.

With quality increasing and price decreasing, at what point are you going to take the plunge and replace your inefficient bulbs with LEDs? Keep in mind that every day that passes you are spending more money in electricity, maintenance, and bulb replacement. For more concrete numbers, use our free Leapfrog Lighting Savings Calculator.

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Stephen Naor

Stephen Naor

President at Leapfrog Lighting
Stephen Naor is the President of Leapfrog Lighting. In 2003, Stephen set out to improve the affordability of energy-efficient lighting and his innovations earned him two patents and an award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Stephen is married, has two kids and a dog, and is an avid photographer.

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